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Registration is now opened for a new session of Periocampus International!

taking place in September, from the 8th till the 12th. It’s a 5 days, full-immersion experience with Prof Filippo Graziani, Prof Cristiano Tomasi and Dr Jeanie Suvan, internationally-renowned speakers and teachers of Periodontology

Graziani Periocampus

Periocampus International is a unique learning experience in Periodontology – in 5 days of full-immersion it gives a comprehensive understanding of periodontal diseases and their treatment and empowers clinicians to do Periodontology the day they return to their practices. Green Park Hotel in Tirrenia is the campus grounds, where all participants and teachers reside, allowing for discussions of cases and related topics even outside of the auditorium.

The new programme of 2019 is further tailored to address the topics of particular interest for dentists, and dental hygienists and therapists. The programme for dentists focuses both on non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatment, as well as some aspects of non-surgical and surgical treatment of peri-implant diseases.
Dental hygienists and therapists will focus on non-surgical periodontal treatment with in-depth exploration of its success and limitations (when to refer the patient for surgery?) and a special session on patient motivation and health behaviour change.

Periocampus Graziani

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