The updated programme of Periocampus 2019 is out! We’ve further tailored the programme to address the topics of particular interest for dentists, and dental hygienists and therapists.


DENTAL HYGIENISTS & THERAPISTS I The group of dental hygienists and therapists will have a unique opportunity to expand their theoretical and practical skills in patient motivation and communication alongside Dr Jeanie Suvan. Patients’ motivation to take health-related choices, such as smoking cessation, is most commonly not a matter of black-and-white. The way conversation about behaviour change is approached is crucial – clinican’s persuasion to make a change is usually met by patient’s counterarguments why this change is not possible. This July at Periocampus International dr Jeanie Suvan (London, UK) will lead a unique practical workshop on patient motivation, as an addition to the theoretical lecture that will precede it. She will be explaining why instilling motivation to change in someone else cannot be achieved, but what are the right tools to encourage it, as well as teaching how to facilitate the implementation of health behaviour change counselling in daily practice.

DENTISTS I The 2019 programme includes expanded and longer hands-on workshops in periodontal surgical therapy with professor Filippo Graziani (Pisa, Italy) and professor Cristiano Tomasi (Gothenburg, Sweden). Participants will perform conservative, resective, mucogingival and regenerative surgical procedures on animal (pig) and plastic jaw models. All procedures will be first explained in detail, assessed and discussed through high quality video materials and presented through real life cases. 


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