Philosophy and Vision

Periocampus is not solely a course, it’s a full immersion campus during which all of the participants expand their theoretical knowledge, develop practical skills and clinical judgement together, alongside teachers, in an inspirational and passionate surrounding.

Periocampus offers environment that fosters both educational and social growth. While daytime is dedicated to the art of periodontology, evenings are for sharing time, visions, aspirations, great food and drinks (and more periodontology!), together, around the same table.

Periocampus is passione.

Passione in Italian, is what defines Periocampus and encapsulates the vision and philosophy behind it.

#PassionePeriocampus stands for:

  • P : Patient Centred Personalised Periodontology.
    Patient-based and individualised approach to periodontal therapy.
  • A : Applied Biology.
    Applying biology to clinical practice.
  • S : Skillful.
    Skill-based course directed to maximise efficiency and develop dexterity and tactility.
  • S : Supporting the Right Decision.
    Learning how to make autonomous decisions.
  • I   : Inspiring. 
  • O : Ongoing Evaluation.
    Dynamic based. Doing periodontology means interacting with the patient; disease of the patient will change, and so must the therapy.
  • N : Novel & Unique.
    This is one-of-a-kind course, a campus.
  • E : Evidence Based. Empowering.
    Periocampus offers up-to-date, evidence-based information. It gives confidence and encourages to do periodontology, passionately.

By the end of the 6 days, you’ll return to your practice empowered and inspired to do Perio with a whole lot of dedication and passion.