While searching for the perfect setting for Periocampus International, we kept a lot of things in mind. The venue had to offer everything Italy, and especially the region Tuscany, is internationally known for: natural beauty, fantastic cuisine, attractive and rich cultural heritage, hospitality, sun and the sea. Above all, it had to be set in an environment that conveys Periocampus’ main mission – to inspire. Tirrenia, a wonderful spot in the centre of the Tuscan coast, just a few short kilometers away from the famous city of Pisa, proved to be the perfect setting. The campus grounds are set within the perimeters of the Green Park Resort****S ( link http://www.greenparkresort.com/), surrounded by five hectares of Mediterranean seafront of Tirrenia.


Green Park Resort, Via dei Tulipani 1, 56128 Calambrone (Pisa)

By car

Motorway A12, exit Pisa, towards Tirrenia / Camp Darby

By plane

Pisa airport at 16 km, Florence at 106 km

By train

Pisa railway station at 16 km

Nearby cities of art and culture

  • Pisa 13km
  • Lucca 30Km
  • Firenze 90km
  • S.Giminiano 100km
  • Siena 120km


The Grounds

Explore the beautiful grounds and gardens of the resort under the Tuscan sun.

The Rooms

Stylish and comfortable rooms to make your stay a memorable one.


Nearby beaches and a stunning swimming pool where you can unwind.

Learn Perio and make new connections in inspiring surroundings.

Our participants socialise together during the evenings and exchange knowledge and ideas.

Soak up the beauty of Tuscany

Beautiful countryside, great food and a wealth of wonderful history to explore!